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The use of the phrase "Trotskyite Communist" is interesting. As I have been rereading Agent Hosty's testimony over and over again I find more and more information. How familiar are we today with the phrase "Trotskyite Communist?"

Mr. HOSTY. Agent Gary S. Wilson. Agent Wilson was a brand new agent out of training school. And it is the custom to assign a new agent to work with an older agent for a period of 6 weeks. They work with different agents every day to observe what they are doing. This is the only reason he was with me, the only reason I had another man.

We went to the front porch. I rang the bell, talked to Mrs. Paine, at which time she advised me that Lee Oswald had been out to visit her, visit his wife, at her house over the Weekend, but she had still not determined where he was living in Dallas, and she also made the remark that she (Mrs, Paine) considered him to be a very illogical person, that he (Oswald) had told her that weekend that he was a Trotskyite Communist. Since she did not have his address, I thanked her and left.

Representative FORD. Was this comment by Mrs. Paine that Oswald had said he was a Trotskyite----

Mr. HOSTY. Trotskyite Communist was the word she used; yes, sir.

Representative FORD. Was that new as far as your knowledge of your file was concerned?

Mr. HOSTY. Well, he was a self-admitted Marxist. He had stated that earlier. The New Orleans office had reported that. He had been on television and made that statement in New Orleans, so this appeared to be in keeping with his character.

Representative FORD. The use of the word Trotskyite didn't add anything to the previous Marxist identification?

Mr. HOSTY. Well, of course, that is a particular type of Marxism, Trotskyite, the followers of Leon Trotsky's particular deviation, but this did show that he was not a member of the Communist Party USA, follower of the Leninist-Stalinist-Khrushchev movement, but would be an independent Marxist would be what it would show me, not tied in with the regular Communist Party USA.

Mr. HOSTY. Well, yes. The Socialist Workers Party is the Trotskyite Party in the United States, and they are supposedly the key element in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, or were the key element in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. So this would tie in with the fact that he was a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, and, therefore, he claimed to be a Trotskyite this would follow.

Trotskyite Communists were associated with the Russian Left Opposition that was opposed to the Stalinist takeover of the Revolution in the Soviet Union and led to the expulsion of thousands of Russian citizens. Were members of he Russian Community in Dallas Trotskyites? (George DeMohrenschildt)

Jonathon Abt the Attorney that Oswald had defended Smith Act cases. The first Smith Act cases were intsituted against members of the Socialist Workers Party, the Trotskyist Party in the USA.

Would a "shoot down" of the U2 on May 1st 1959 advance the Trotskyist agenda against the Krushchev leadership in Russia?

The crackdown by the OPLA (Stalinist KKE Communists secrete organization) on the Trotskyite eliments of the EAM led to the US use of the Trotskyites during the Greek Civil War (1947 - 1949) against the ELAS. Edwin Walker was running the Greek Desk at the Pentagon at this time and Thomas Karamessines, (the man who would latter be receiving agent Hosty's notes in Richard Helms office before the assassination of John F. Kennedy), was leading the battle against the ELAS.

Would the assassination of JFK aid the Trotskyites goals of destablizing the govenments of both the Soviet Union and the United States?


Jim Root

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