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Stephen King vs Jim DiEugenio 11/22/63

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A guy named Randall Colburn got in contact with me about a month or so ago.  He saw my review of the mini series 11/22/63 based on King's book.

We did the interview and he placed it on Patreon where I guess it did pretty well.

He finally gave me a copy today.  Here it is, he was a very fair moderator.



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As many readers have pointed out, he doesn't know enough about researching real-life events, places, and things, let alone a time period. King probably doesn't/didn't have enough time of care to finely detail such things. Why does one of the child characters of IT have the catchphrase "can't be careful on a skateboard" despite that portion of the book taking place in the 1950's, when skateboarding was only becoming popularized in the 70's?

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I agree.

And the thing is, he could have hired a team of researchers in order to get the details straight. And he still would have made a sack of cash anyway.

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On 12/28/2023 at 5:31 PM, Micah Mileto said:

This beef goes back to when King was featured in the media to claim that he believed in a lone gunman after studying the subject very well.


I'm aware of that.  King sounds perfectly reasonable to me.


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Why haven't the same mass of critics who savaged Oliver Stone's film "JFK" for it's supposed inaccuracies and Hollywood creative license liberties blasted King's story for the same reasons?

Stone spent years and millions of dollars researching and consulting many of the deepest JFKA research persons leading up to his production being released to at least give his script a factual foundation that held up his over-all film story despite admitted liberties he took to enhance his film's popular appeal.

I watched King's 11,22,1963 film.

It was lightly entertaining. Reminded me of the old TV show "The Time Tunnel."

But you could immediately see that it had about the same research basis weight as that cheap production TV show.

A nationally released big budget film financed by major players must also make money.

"JFK's" 17th century Jesuit priests order of film critics thought Stone's creative license use was devil inspired blasphemy.

Off with his head! Burn him at the stake! Put him on "the rack" until his bones crack!

They went that nuts on Oliver stone.



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You know the reason.

King ended up supporting the Commission of sorts.  Although I am still trying to figure out that ending.

But in his interviews, he certainly did so. 

Like Bill Paxton, he got close to the Sixth Floor and Gary Mack.

Therefore he got the softball interview in NY Times with Errol Morris.


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