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Pat Speer on The Ochelli Effect

Pat Speer

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23 hours ago, Gary Murr said:

Hello Greg... and thank you for taking the time to read the chapter I previously posted. Regarding your question concerning when I might make available my thoughts/writings regarding when, in/on specific frames of the Zapruder film, John Connally was struck and thereafter wounded, I can say the following. I intend to return specifically to this subject matter later this year. I am in the throes of finishing volume 2 of "Forgotten", which I hope to have completed by late spring/early summer. Once that is finished, I intend to complete a paper I have roughed out that deals only with the wounding of Connally and the Zapruder film, which is, to state the obvious, absolutely necessary to any understanding of the mechanics just when the Governor was struck. If I can work the timing correctly, I may release this paper in conjunction with a potential JFK Assassination Conference in November of this year - 2024 - if I get any invitations to participate.

As it stands right now, this will probably be the last writing I do on the events of November 22, 1963. I have been "at this" since my first contact with Harold Weisberg in 1966 so it is probably time to retire. And on a final note, I will admit that I have changed my mind on the timing of the Connally wounding from what I have written in the past.


Thanks Gary for this projection. I will be looking forward to reading it when you do present it. Sixty years of research, wow. Best wishes and good health.

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