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In 2004, the year of the Olimpic Games we suggest creating a list of sportsmen who can get tittle "A sportsman of 20th century".

All schools are invite to take part in our project.

Every school which will participate in it has to present maximum three sportsmen (or women) they have chosen. The text (1 page of A4 format) has to be written in French or English, German or Russian. The school has to present reasons for choosing these people (as a sportsmen and ordinary people).

It will be nice to see some pictures along with the text.

We are waiting for your candidates until February 28th. They will be seen on our website later on. Every school has got 5 points to divide at any order for any 3 persons from all candidates. You can't vote for sportsmen from your own country. The list of ten most popular sportsmen will be ready March 26th, 2004.

If you have questions contact: Grzegorz Balsam, Róża Tomala.;

e-mail: zsbm-video@wp.pl

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