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Interesting connections between the Sports Drome Gun Range and a Grand Prairie Cop

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The above research was inspired by a post by member James Richards, who posed a question here in 2007. Here is what he posted;


Sources: WC 22, p. 652; WC 24, p. 259; CD 897, p. 141; CD 1306, p. 124


Comments: Lee Harvey Oswald closed P.O. Box 2915 in May 1963 (WC Vol. 20, p. 176). Rented P.O. Box 6225 on Nov. 1, 1963. Jack Ruby rented P.O. Box 5475 on Nov. 7, 1963. Michael Bentley Murph's family, Murdock Lead Co. (later Southern Lead), had P.O. Box 5298 (next to Lee Oswald's box), M.B. Murph was a Clerk for Murdock Lead. Mary Hollies, Scott-Foresman employee on 4th Flr of TSBD had P.O. Box 5944 in Nov. 1963. Terminal Annex box numbers ran from 5001 through 6499. (CD 1306:124) - 113.67' from street level to main roof parapet.



I have been going through some old notes and have compiled the following. How relevent it is, I'm not sure.

Murdock Lead Co. was run by a guy named W.F. Murdock. It was later purchaced by Southern Lead. The senior partner in Southern Lead was Donald Hugh Murph (killed in a single car accident in 1955) and his two sons, D. Bentley Murph and J. Virgil Murph.

In 1953, Murdock Lead purchased the metalics product company Eagle-Picher. Robb B. Murdock was named as vice president of this new venture. He had a son named James C. Murdock. I wonder if this is Grand Prairie police officer J.C. Murdock?


So thanks James, and the answer is YES!


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