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New Article: "Multiple Stretcher Bullets, AKA 'The Connally Bullet, Revisited' "

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(Also posted in the "Research" Thread.)

In light of the recent Paul Landis revelations, I thought I should finally write the article I've been meaning to do for a long while now. (Actually, it was originally going to be a "Bonus Episode" for my documentary series, but I'm not quite up to putting in that extra effort.) I finished the article, and it's now available on my website. It's rather long, but worth the read--everything you ever wanted to know about the two "stretcher" bullets: 1) the "pointed" Tomlinson/Wright bullet, and 2) the Wade/Nolan bullet--as well as 3) the small bullet fragments removed from Connally's wrist. Spoiler alert: the "pointed" Tomlinson/Wright bullet was the AR-15 bullet, which was disappeared. The Wade/Nolan bullet was the actual Connally bullet. Whether CE 399 was the original Wade/Nolan (Connally) bullet, l can't say. But I've scoured for every scrap of information I can find on these mutually exclusive chain-of-custody histories. Everything you want is right here, with links to the original sources.

Read all about it at https://www.a-benign-conspiracy.com/multiple-stretcher-bullets-aka-the-connally-bullet-revisited.html.

Please read the article before commenting. Thank you.

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