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Fact check inquiry on a John Davis claim re Karen Carlin

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The following unverified claim (below) appears on page 107 of John Davis, The Kennedy Contract (1993). Never mind the issue of Karen Carlin being alive or dead, the question is whether Gary Shaw ever said Karen Carlin told him what is reported here. Davis cites no footnote or documentation, and I can find nothing to confirm that Gary Shaw or anyone else claiming to have been in contact with Karen Carlin said that Karen Carlin said what Davis claims. Davis:

"[I]n October 1992, Karen Carlin came back from the dead. She contacted Gary Shaw, director of the JFK Assassination Information Center in Dallas, after almost thirty years living under an assumed identity, and told him she knew of a conspiracy to kill Lee Harvey Oswald, that Ruby told her to phone him Sunday morning and that an hour later he would telegraph her $25, just before shooting Oswald, to establish an alibi to justify his shooting of Oswald as an impulsive act of revenge. And who was ultimately behind the conspiracy to kill Oswald? Kar[e]n Carlin mentioned two names to Gary Shaw, Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante, Jr."

Here is a newspaper interview I found of Gary Shaw's own account of his contacts with Karen Carlin of 1992-1993, which does not back up John Davis's claim: https://www.cleburnetimesreview.com/news/local_news/this-just-in-little-lynn-still-dead/article_8fcf8e54-cfad-5fd2-b0b7-f5bfbfd2678b.html.

Does anyone know if there is any verification or source stating Gary Shaw said Karen Carlin actually told him this, or is this urban legend and/or misinformation retailed by John Davis?

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