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URGENT: SALVADOR ASTUCIA IS A THREAT TO THIS FORUM! GET RID OF HIM! Read his own words on his website jfkmontreal.com. Astucia's is the most virulent Nazi website I have even seen. Author of every article, Astucia claims Hitler was a hero, the Holocaust never happened, the KKK gallantly protects whites, Johnson killed Kennedy because Johnson was Jewish, Curtis LeMay was a Zionist who pushed for armaments to profit the Jewish arms industry, Nixon bombed Cambodia in an act of greatness, ad nauseum (and nauseous).



I also lost many relatives in the Holocaust, the family name was Cohn before my grandmother changed it, but I don't think people should be denied membership here based on their views, sanctions like being put on moderation or booted should be based on behavior. I initially opposed Michael Collins Piper joining this forum but realized that I was wrong.

But you seem to have failed to notice that David L Sharp/Salvador Astucia is no longer a member here. He was kicked out before I joined but I assume John Simkin can tell you why.


I hadn't noticed Astucia is gone. I agree with you it's wrong to discriminate because of someone's views. But I know who Piper is. He wrote hate literature for the KKK via the Liberty Lobby. I don't think he belongs here either. Not because of his views, but because he lies, and this is a forum for seeking truth. Differing views can help illuminate the truth. Lies do not.

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I haven't seen anything in Piper's writings that individually are overtly anti-Semitic but he seems to blame Jews eeer 'Zionists' for just about every unfortunate event in American history since Lincoln assassination. I think it was better to allow him to join, make fool of himself and skulk off that to have banned him. You might find it illuminating to do a forum search to find the threads he participated in and the debate about whether he should be allowed here.

You might find this thread interesting as well:


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I ffind the Far Rights usurping of anti-Zionism or anti-Apartheid Israel and the BSD movements and pro Plaestinian Independence by the left merely a Guise for the anti-Semitiic Far right Extremists and therefore rightly condemned. It's typical Fascist MO.


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