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Some humor for the only people who will get it

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40 minutes ago, Stu Wexler said:

And only if you watched the game. My tweets, playing on the lookalike theme.







Thanks, Stu. I loved Dad humor long before I became a dad

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Repeated deep belly laughs.  One again, the JFKA is not a parlor game, as you well know better than many of us, but levity is needed sometimes.

I guess you saw Kelce trying to sing this?


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I wasn't aware there was any humor here. I guess that's why I don't think your jokes have a prayer man!

But apparently Ron gets repeated  belly laughs.    Hmmm

But they were very flapable. You're right about losing their poise.


Stu, I do think your subject material is about as funny as elderly abuse.  (above)


3 hours ago, Pat Speer said:

Thanks, Stu. I loved Dad humor long before I became a dad

Yeah Pat, that sounds like a great idea for a modern sitcom. "Conspiracy Dad". How about this:?

"A teenage son  and daughter grow up navigating their way through a myriad of their widower Father's zany adventures with the "deep state."



Ok, I'm sour grapes. It was great game!

But at least if we lost I was expecting Fox's scenario of a CIA staged proposal between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce  and then her dreaded Biden endorsement in front of hundreds of millions!

What a disappointment!

Damn that CIA!

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That's interesting Paul! So that was him accepting the trophy?

he looked like a little Mike Johnson!

a fitting commentary as to the changing face of power over the last 60 years!

Yet still the NFL owners are now like real smooth mafia. I got disgusted with it about 10 years ago.

But damn, it's such a great game!


Stu, Ron, no offense you guys.

But it is an interesting new phenomena.

JFKA nerd humor!








heh heh

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All that I got to say is that the 49ers will be in salary cap hell come time when Purdy is a free agent.

I'm pretty sure that he is still making the league minimum on his rookie contract of $900,000 to about 50 million a year.

If the 49ers would have won the Superbowl,I can see Brock bringing in $60,000,000 a year.

Edited to post this.


  • 2022: $705,000
  • 2023: $870,000
  • 2024: $985,000
  • 2025: $1.1 million
  • 2026: Unrestricted free agent



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