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Quick Poll on Zapruder Film Authenticity

Quick Poll on Zapruder Film Authenticity. Your response is appreciated.  

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  1. 1. Do you believe that the Zapruder Film was altered? If so, to what extent?

    • No alterations. I trust the extant Zapruder Film to be an out-of-camera unaltered film.
    • The only alterations to the Zapruder Film were the removal of frames to hide the limousine slowing or stopping. No other alterations were made.
    • The Zapruder film was extensively altered.
  2. 2. Do you believe the Zapruder Film originally showed the limousine turning from Houston onto Elm?

    • No. Zapruder had stopped his camera and didn't re-start filming until the limousine was partway down Elm.
    • Yes. The limousine's turn onto Elm was edited out for whatever reason.

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I would just like to know where most researchers stand on this issue. Please take the time to answer a couple of quick questions. Your response is appreciated.

(Voter names are public.)

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I believe the original unaltered Zapruder film absolutely showed the complete turn from Houston onto Elm from the presidential limo. Something........I have no clue what.......but something happened there at the turn that "they" didn't want us to see. That's also why frames were removed from the Towner film and any other film that might have contained whatever it was "they" didn't want us to see.

I could have easily have chosen the second option on that first question if it had not been worded so absolutely stating that "no other changes" were made to the film except for removing limo stop frames. I think most alterationists fall somewhere between option 2 and 3. Extensive alteration is a little extreme of a term but it fit my stance better than the only limo stop frames option.

Thank you for this poll! 

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