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Explosive Malcolm X assassination news

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When was this broadcast? 
I think I just figured this out. I watched a similar Democracy Now story from a year ago. I’ve tried to figure out what was going on with the family’s efforts ever since, but there is a suspicious dearth of information. If we had a real President, a responsible government, we would know the truth. 

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Thanks for the link, Robert.

I pulled a quote from the transcript of this Democracy Now segment. Boy, does this sound familiar.



And that’s why we want these files. We want these files to see what connections, to see who were those undercover agents that were in the Audubon Ballroom the day Malcolm X was assassinated. And the reality is this here. It’s 59 years later. Who are they trying to protect? What person’s life will be put in danger 59 years later? They continue to offer us excuse after excuse after excuse every time we get FOIAs for the information. They even went so far as to tell us that one of the reasons they can’t give us the information that we request on the surveillance of Malcolm X and the documentation that they have on Malcolm X is because Malcolm X is potentially still alive.


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