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JFK's Opposition to Israel Getting Nuclear Weapons

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This was posted on Facebook today by Lee D. Shepherd:
We now know that James Angleton, head of the CIA’s liaison desk for Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad, was a key player in the movement of radioactive uranium from the Apollo nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania to the Israeli Dimona plant via the subsidiary, the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation, (NUMEC). Journalist Seymour M. Hersh wrote the CIA gave millions of dollars annually to the Mossad, “but the complex amalgamation of American financing and Israeli operations remains one of the great secrets of the Cold War.” Angleton biographer Michael Holzman writes:
“Through his control of the Israeli account Angleton had virtually a second career in the Agency, supporting operational activities quite distinct from his main counterintelligence responsibilities. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this second power base for Angleton within the CIA. It made him virtually unassailable.”
President Kennedy Kennedy was known to be firmly against Israel developing or obtaining nuclear weapons. It might be time for senior US officials to break the taboo and begin to talk about the capability of that nuclear arsenal and the implications of it being in Netanyahu’s hands.
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