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The new Kilgallen Book

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Has anyone seen this?

I was kind of expecting it, its from Sara Jordan-Heintz.  She did the original and excellent Midwest Today  article on Kilgallen about 16 years ago.  Which was really an update of one she did a few years prior. ( I should add that Kathryn Fauble did some interviews for Sara.)

Mark Shaw admitted that this was what inspired him to do his book on Kilgallen.  And about three sequels

But every time he did one, he gave Sara less and less credit. So I kind of figured that she would come out with her own book.

At the end of last year she did.  I have not read it yet, has anyone done so?

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6 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:


I have not read it, but I think the Kilgallen story has been fleshed out about as good as it is going to get (at this late date).

A lot about Kilgallen's death was fishy, but especially that her voluminous notes and manuscript she was working on disappeared, in which Jack Ruby figured prominently (she had interviewed him). 

Back in those days, people carried around written and printed materials, papers, in large manilla folders, or even expanding manilla folders. Such papers are not materials any thug or murderer would want. 

So how did a large pile of paper disappear after Kilgallen's death? 




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I know I've said it 100 times in posts - how in the world did the Dorothy Kilgallen life and death story avoid being made into an A list film?  

And being done so within a short time after her death or in the least no more than 10 years?

Yet, "never" in 60 years?

Impossibly illogical imo.

I would have thought one or more major movie studios would have easily seen the screamingly obvious intrinsic appeal to a mass national and even international audience and "fought" for the rights!

Her real-life story had all the needed elements ( in spades ) of a major film blockbuster.

Highest society level celebrity engagement ( daily ) , unprecedented professional achievement - breaking ( smashing ) traditional barriers for women, national and even international fame and notoriety "on her own" ( national TV star recognition for 10 years ) controversial high drama conflicts ( Frank Sinatra and J. Edgar Hoover ) and in the end an almost Hitchcockian darkly suspicious and mysterious type death.

For decades she associated with so many world famous people from every corner of celebrity. Presidents, famous writers, Hollywood glamour. One day she's posing with Marilyn Monroe, the next JFK himself?

She even added the extra-interesting label of top criminal case reporter and investigator. Dr. Sam Sheppard trial for murder of his wife and the Jack Ruby Oswald murder trial.

Meryl Streep would have ferociously devoured the role of DK.

But it's all gone now. Meryl Streep is too old. Generations have passed. Well over half the countries citizens over 18 don't even have a clue about Dorothy Kilgallen, who she was, her remarkable lifetime achievements and her totally suspicious murder with the most high level corruption dark implications.

What an important cinematic production opportunity loss.

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Posted (edited)

Here is Sara's article that first really put her on the map and the DK case into critical discourse.


A very nice piece of work. If you have not read it, please do.

Lee Israel actually uncovered some of this material when she was writing her book on DK, including interesting stuff on Pataky. But either she or her editors cut it out of her biography.

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If you have not read the original article, which I posted, you should.

I actually think Sara's original essay is still the best thing I have read on DK.

But I will read and review her book also.

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You know who may have been a source for Dorothy Kilgallen? SENATOR JOHN SHERMAN COOPER, a liberal pro-civil rights Republican and a close personal friend of JFK.

You know who Sen. Cooper thought murdered JFK?: LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON.
I wonder if he was telling that to Kilgallen behind the scenes?
My current take on the death of Dorothy Kilgallen is that she died of an overdose of drugs and alcohol.
Having said that, Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the few journalists who publicly doubted the Warren Report. That would have automatically earned her both FBI and CIA surveillance.

Mark Shaw: New Evidence Proves Warren Commission Corruption Based on Bestselling Author Mark Shaw’s Exclusive Interviews with Commission “Whistleblower” Morris Wolf – November, 2023

 New-Evidence-Proving-Warren-Commission-Corruption_Oct-26-2023-1.pdf (markshawbooks.com)

A dour-faced Senator John Sherman Cooper stands with Commission Members Second from Right According to two exclusive interviews with Morris Wolff, the highly respected legislative assistant to Senator John Sherman Cooper, a member of the Warren Commission and called by Jackie Kennedy “a man of great character, ” the members knew they were deceiving millions of Americans who believed they could trust them to reveal the truth. Instead, betrayal of that truth was the call of the day as noted in this author’s most recent book, Fighting for Justice and a second interview on August 19, 2023 with Mr. Wolff (transcript available), who actually rode with Cooper to the commission hearings and watched the proceedings. The shocking revelations, ones that expose the inner workings of the commission for the first time, include the following firsthand accounts by Mr. Wolff regarding conversations with Sen. Cooper: • “They [the commission members] already know about the Jack Ruby connection to organized crime, but they don’t want to touch it.” • “It’s more than Oswald but Hoover and [Chief Justice] Earl Warren keep pushing the ‘Oswald Alone’ conclusion.” • “Our new President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, now wants to cover up and move on.” • “The commission members want to bury the truth under a pile of stones and Earl Warren is acting like a third-world dictator.” • “LBJ put me on the commission since I am a distinguished senator, one respected by my colleagues and my appearance will give the impression that the investigation will be beyond reproach but there is something very wrong with the investigation.” • “They [the commission members] say this [Oswald Alone conclusion] is good for God and country, but there is internal corruption and I don’t know why.” • “I’m very skeptical of the slipshod job being done by the commission staff and its rush to judgment” regarding the final report to be issued and along with Sen. Russell, I’ve demanded a ‘dissent’ to be included in that report about the “Oswald Alone” conclusion (It was promised but was not in final report). • Commission members are not conducting the hearings; staffers are doing so and not asking the right questions. • To make sure the truth prevails, I have shared Jack Ruby’s testimony with journalist Dorothy Kilgallen, a woman of the truth. • During the photo of the commission members, I hid behind Sen. Hale Boggs since I knew the Final Report was untrue

Sen. John Sherman Cooper, while he was a member of the Warren Commission: “I think Lyndon Baines Johnson was involved in the planning and execution of Kennedy’s death.” Source: his aide Morris Wolff (born 11-30-1936 and still alive in November, 2023)

Morris Wolff contact info: phone 352-753-0105 and email is moewolff657@gmail.com


He was still by something that had just occurred, and he sputtered, “They have it all wrong. They refuse to look at the facts. The forensics are right there. One bullet came in from the front, and the President grabbed his neck, and his head shot back in the open limousine. The car had slowed down in front of the Texas School Depository. The next shot came in from the back, from a window on the 7th floor, the top floor of the Book Depository building on Dealey Plaza. A third shot came from behind the motorcade, jerking his head backward as he slowly passed the area. It was the shot fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, one of two or three killers. At least two were active that day, one from in front and the second from the back. The forensics clearly show there were at least two separate shooters, and they were standing in different places, one from the grassy knoll and one high in the office building. Our new President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, now wants to cover up and move on. I want to delay and get all the facts. They are covering the facts and putting their collective heads in the sand. LBJ pretends to give me the green light to press forward with the investigation. But he is secretly telling the others to bring the hearings to a quick close.”

Senator Cooper was boiling mad, somewhat out of control for the only time that I had ever witnessed. “They want to bury the truth under a pile of stones. I think Lyndon Baines Johnson was involved in the planning and execution of Kennedy’s death.”

As his driver to and from the Warren Commission hearings, I got to hear the latest scoop on the way back. I was not just his legal counsel but also had become “Maxie the Taxi.” Cooper selected me to convey him to and from the Supreme Court building for the hearings headed by Earl Warren, and that was a lesson van.


[Morris Wolff, Lucky Conversations: Visits With the Most Prominent People of the 20th Century, p. 112]

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Jeremy Kuzmarov has posted a hot fresh article on the death of Dorothy Kilgallen for Covert Action Magazinehttps://covertactionmagazine.com/2024/03/05/when-a-star-gossip-columnist-began-to-dig-deep-into-the-jfk-assassination-she-turned-up-dead-now-a-tv-legal-analyst-appears-to-have-cracked-the-case/

My current take on the Dorothy Kilgallen is that she had NOT cracked the case on the JFK assassination and that her death had nothing to do with her being on the case of the JFK assassination. I think that a bad combination of pills and alcohol killed Kilgallen and it was not a murder.

I do think that BEHIND THE SCENES, Sen. John Sherman Cooper was telling her that Lyndon Johnson murdered JFK. The reason I think that is because Cooper's aide Morris Wolff, alive today in 2024, has told us that Sen. John Sherman Cooper thought LBJ killed JFK and secondly, that Sen. Cooper had contacted Ms. Kilgallen.

Kilgallen would have been sophisticated and plugged-in enough with the insiders to know of the vast conflict between the Kennedys and LBJ.

I am willing to change my views on Kilgallen from my current viewpoint; but I have not been moved off that position yet.

With her public doubting of the Warren Report, there is no doubt in my mind that Kilgallen earned FBI and CIA surveillance of her movements and maybe even wiretapping. 


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