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Biography: Joseph Trento

Joseph Trento

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Joseph Trento has worked for CNN's Special Assignment Unit, the Wilmington News Journal, and the journalist Jack Anderson.

In 1987 Trento published Prescription for Disaster: From the Glory of Apollo to the Betrayal of the Shuttle. Trento co-authored with Susan Trento and William Corson, Windows: Four American Spies, the Wives They Left Behind, and the KGB'S Crippling of American Intelligence (1989). Trento and his co-authors argue that the Central Intelligence Agency had lost its war with the KGB. This was followed by Renegade CIA: Inside the Covert Intelligence Operations of George Bush (1993).

Trento's next book was The Secret History of the CIA, 1946-1989 (2001) Trento argues that the "CIA has been a colossal failure, outmaneuvered by its enemies, penetrated by the KGB, and duped at every turn".

Joseph Trento's latest book is Prelude to Terror: The Rise of the Bush Dynasty, the Rogue CIA, and the Comprising of American Intelligence (2005).

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