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Greg Wagner on the Dallas Action Podcast

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Forum members Greg Wagner and Doug Campbell discuss:


Our Favorite ALL-AMERICAN JFK Assassination Research, Study & Analysis podcast is BACK with a marathon, all-new episode #210, featuring very special guest Greg Wagner! (Greg's JFK Assassination Research website: tangodown63.com ) Click THIS LINK: https://www.spreaker.com/.../210-april-13-2024-a-things...  to listen/download Episode #210 NOW!
IN THIS EPISODE~ A tour-de-force conversation with our great friend Greg that is absolutely bursting-at-the-seams with information and analytical conversation!
In the first half: Spurred by a conversation with Alan Dale from our last episode, Greg has compiled a list of 15 things & ideas that- given what we now know, in 2024- are probably almost certainly true. From the involvement of Jack Ruby in the run-up to Dallas, to the certain assorted impersonations of Lee Oswald, to the undeniable coercion of witnesses by The Warren Commission, the culpability of Lyndon Johnson and  the most probable locations for snipers in Dealey Plaza on that day, we will go down Greg's list one by one, analyze, and discuss.
In the second half, we embark on a deep-dive of the individual that both Greg and Doug believe to have been the dark-complected man in Dealey Plaza- a south-Florida-based, JM/WAVE-connected anti-Castro paramilitary operator named Felipe Vidal Santiago.
His presence in Dallas? Unexplained, yet confirmed. His connections to The Case? Many. Varied, striking, and chilling. And we are going to break it all down and explain it. 
Right HERE. 
Written And Hosted by Doug Campbell. 
Additional Content Written by Greg Wagner.
Recorded And Engineered by Curato "Little Momo" Scaranucci, Jr. For Drop-D Podcast Productions.

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Doug does a great job. It's not like you can just sit down and go over this subject without doing your homework. I enjoyed the conversation and the discussion around DCM.

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Chuck, William Bishop was Clarence Ward Bishop. He used the name of William Bishop. He was "promoted" to Colonel by former Cuban Chief of the Army General Francisco Tabernilla. Tabernilla was a neighbor of Bishop's. Bishop had been a member of the Merchant Marines. Tabernilla was close to Batista and Irving Davidson.

This doc should give you an idea on who Bishop was. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=46723#relPageId=4

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