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The Dallas Police Convicted Oswald without a trial

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Johnny Cairns hits another double off the wall.

Its always good to be reminded of just how bad the DPD was. The JFK critical community knew that but it was not really exposed until Errol Morris' The Thin Blue Line.  Then the Innocence Project came along and exposed the fact that they convicted more innocent people than many states did. And let us not forget the late Craig Watkins who condemned the Wade legacy..  Fritz and Wade were public disgraces.  Never forget the DA office motto: Any lawyer can convict a guilty man, it takes a great lawyer to convict an innocent man.

What does the DPD become when J. Edgar Hoover says Oswald's civil rights were violated?  The Texas Gestapo?  Anyway Johnny does the honors.


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You are welcome since you earned them.

And I repeat, when Hoover says they violated your rights, take it to the bank as to how bad the DPD was.

Craig Watkins sure understood it. So did the Innocence Project.


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