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Can anyone help? Commemorate the Peace Speech

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David Neal sent this message out today:


David Neal

Please share-
A well known JFK researcher from DC named John Judge held a commemorative service at the granite marker which recognized Kennedy's June 10th, 1963 Commencement Address  for many years until his passing in 2014.
John Judge, 66; alternate historian, renowned researcher, educator, investigator, advocate for real democracy
Since then Randy Benson a filmmaker and professor from Duke Univ has held the remembrance ceremony with a reading of Kennedy's Speech every June 10th at noon. 
 Last year Bobby Kennedy was going to attend but was told by the University he could not do it. I think the reason was ostensibly they were expecting a large crowd and didn't want to deal with it.
There may have been other reasons.
This year Randy intended to be there but can not. He is looking for someone to be there to read the speech and make any appropriate comments.
At this time when the reality of what JFK was trying to avoid seems all too real I wanted to reach out to a few people I know who may be interested in this event to let them know about it.
 David Neal
I do not have a large email base, but several of you do- Please share.
 Thank you



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