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Lisa Pease on the RFK1A, Lengthy Fox 11-L.A. TV Show

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So Lisa Pease was evidently interviewed at length by the Fox-11 local station in L.A., four months ago, regarding the RFK1A.

Pease offers a wealth of information, and there are certainly grounds for a great deal of skepticism regarding the suppression and tampering of evidence in the RFK1A case. 

There is even a situation of a Sirhan bullet being marked by the coroner, immediately after he removed the slug from RFK's neck---and that slug, when introduced as evidence, does not have the coroner's mark. Replay of the Walker Bullet show? 

I disagree with Pease on whether Sirhan was shooting blanks. If Sirhan's gun had been loaded with blanks, imagine the result if Sirhan had been seized by others just moments earlier, and, say, four rounds were left in the pistol? The subsequent "Sirhan armed with blanks" headlines would hardly do.

But surely Pease is an authority on the topic. 

The importance of the RFK1A, and the coordinated suppression of evidence, is that it tends to underline that the JFKA was a state action of some sort. 

If Sirhan was merely a demented lone-nut RFK1 and Israel-hater...then why the cover-up?

What was covered up is that there was second RFK1A gunsel. Why? Who has the organizational depth and resources to bring about an RFK1A cover-up? 

The possibility of an RFK1 presidency raised the specter of an intrepid investigation into the JFKA, and just five years after the event, when many witnesses and knowledgeable people were still alive.  

In its way, the RFK1A is equally important to the JFKA, and something of a twinned event. 



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