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Shot 3 of my 5-shot scenario, aligning with the Mary Moorman photo. Although the limousine position also aligns with frame 313 in the (altered) Zapruder film, this was not the "fatal head shot." In fact, it was the shot that struck Governor Connally. Mary Moorman herself only thought that Kennedy was struck simultaneously with her photograph, because she saw him (coincidentally) "slumped" in her picture.

Set aside the pervasive myth of the faked Z-film "head shot" (in fact, the Hofeling .gif does just that, and you can actually see back spatter from the Connally shot), pay attention to what Mary Moorman actually said, and look at the FBI model that places the Moorman photo as the second (Connally) shot of its 3-shot (Kennedy-Connally-Kennedy) scenario.


As always, non-snarky comments are welcome, even if you disagree with my scenario. All I ask is that if you disagree, you explain why. (And, of course, I will feel free to respond.)


Update: Links to the other articles of my scenario:

"What Happened -- Shot 1": https://www.a-benign-conspiracy.com/what-happened---shot-1.html

"What Happened -- Shot 2": https://www.a-benign-conspiracy.com/what-happened---shot-2.html

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Added links to Other Articles in My Scenario
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