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Valid Theories Must Explain All of the Facts

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        Valid scientific and forensic theories, by definition, must explain all of the facts, and not be invalidated by any facts.

        If we apply this basic philosophical concept to the RFK assassination, any valid theory must explain these facts;



1)   RFK was murdered by someone other than Sirhan-- by a point-blank gun shot fired behind RFK's ear-- presumably, security guard Thane Eugene Cesar.

2)   Sirhan was hypnotically trained, prior to June 5, 1968, to switch into a dissociative "range mode" alter state and fire a gun at RFK in response to a cue.

3)   Sirhan was highly hypnotizable, and was easily programmed under hypnosis (by Dr. Bernard Diamond) to engage in post-hypnotic compulsions with amnesia for programming.

4)   The salesman, John Fahey, was informed on June 4th, by a woman he met at the Ambassador Hotel, that there was a plot to murder RFK at the Ambassador Hotel.


The "theory" that Sirhan's attack on RFK was a Palestinian "terrorist" plot is invalidated by these facts;

1)  RFK was murdered by a Howard Hughes/CIA-affiliated assassin.

2) There was a pre-arranged op to murder RFK at the Ambassador Hotel-- evidenced by Fahey's June 4th encounter with a woman at the Ambassador Hotel.

3)  Sirhan was hospitalized prior to Jue 5th and hypnotically programmed to fire a gun at RFK in response to a cue.

4)  FBI and CIA-affiliated personnel actively covered up evidence of the RFK assassination plot ex post facto.

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