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Ron Unz' opus article on the JFK assassination "American Pravda: JFK, LBJ, and Our Great National Shame"

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Rob Unz of the Unz Review has posted his take on the JFK assassination which has changed quite dramatically over the years:


I find the Unz Review web site to be an extremely useful source of information. This does not mean that I agree with everything on this web site nor does it mean that I agree with everything in Rob Unz' interesting take on the JFK assassination which has changed quite dramatically over the years.

I see a flow in his thinking from 1) being a lone nutter 2) the CIA probably had something to do with the JFK assassination to 3) a final bottom line conclusion that Lyndon Johnson orchestrated the JFK assassination.

See what you agree with and what you disagree with in the above article.


But the only possible case that came to my mind was the 1983 elevation of Panama’s Manuel Noriega following the death of his predecessor Gen. Omar Torrijos in a suspicious plane crash, and the evidence seems far from strong. Regardless, if the closest analogy to the story of JFK and LBJ could only be found in the Narco-state military dictatorship of one of Latin America’s smallest and most corrupt countries, Americans surely cannot take great pride in their system of governance.

I suspect this factor more than any other explains the almost total continuing silence we still see more than sixty years after LBJ became President by orchestrating JFK’s assassination. The overweening pride of the American political and media establishment cannot easily survive admitting that they tolerated that situation and then worked to conceal those events from the American people during the sixty years that followed.



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