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EOP vs. Cowlick? A Zapruder Film Authenticity Issue (With Poll)

EOP or Cowlick?  

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  1. 1. EOP or Cowlick?

    • EOP (and Zapruder Film is NOT authentic)
    • Cowlick (and Zapruder Film IS authentic
    • Other (Explain in comments)

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Cowlick vs. EOP? If you think "cowlick," then you must also think the three autopsy doctors (Humes, Boswell, Finck) were just wrong about the bullet entrance to the back of Kennedy's head being near the EOP. If you think "EOP," then you must also agree that the Zapruder film is not authentic, because if you use the WC's entrance and exit points, the shot would have had an upward trajectory for the Zapruder film to be authentic (since when you rotate the Warren Commission's head trajectory to match Kennedy's head position in Z312, the EOP-->exit would have had an upward trajectory--which makes no sense--and also a slightly left-to-right trajectory, which does not match a shot from the TSBD).

To illustrate (You'll have to click on the link because I don't have the file space to post the .jpeg image):


So which is it? Is it the EOP, or the cowlick? Or do you have another explanation for the apparent upward trajectory from the EOP entry? Please answer in the poll (names public).

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