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I see that Microsoft is attempting to create an Educational Forum for ICT teachers. However, it does not appear to be very busy. Nor does it tell you how many people have registered. Despite its resources it is not a patch on this one.


I'm going to register there to advertise this one ;)

Anyone else like to join me? :blink:

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What the Micro$oft forum does have though is an accredited teacher training scheme where you can obtain 3 qualifications proving ability to use ICT in the classroom.

This was very heavily promoted at the BETT show. It's not a discussion forum akin to this one, the forum is a very small part of their "Innovative Teachers Programme".

Now, one viewpoint of this could be that Micro$oft are trying to tie all such 'innovative' teachers to using their materials and so on, but the qualifications on offer do bear having a much closer look.

I personally think it is something where there is a large amount on offer from Micro$oft - especially in terms of official certification of your ICT abilities - something that most involved within ICT simply don't have.

See: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/education/training/teachers/

However, what was presented at the BETT show as a fabulous opportunity for teachers to help with their own CPD appears not to be as dynamic and up to date as billed. Much of the content on the site is outdated, frequently quoting a pilot scheme running from January - June 2003.

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Well I have registered for this scheme but how they will respond to the fact we are promoting Open Office in our school is another matter :(

(I suppose it is a bit like Angel working for Wolfram and Hart!)

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