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Aguilar and Wecht team up to expose Burt Griffin's book

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Gary Aguilar and the late Cyril Wecht, in his last effort, do a nice job to take apart the latest apologia by one of the Warren Commission counsels.  First, we had Belin, then Willens.

This time its Burt Griffin.

The thing is Griffin was their alleged Ruby expert, but wait until you see what he left out.

These guys are (literally) shameless.

Good job and nice exit by Cyril.  


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Thanks for posting. 

We did not know it at the time, but the WC was the first of a series of snuff jobs to be done on true investigations into the JFKA/RFK1A. 

Aguilar and Wecht have been giants in the battle against federal government JFKA/RFK1A disinformation. 

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Correct Ben.

I virtually attended the celebration of life for Wecht on Sunday.

Very nice proceeding conducted by his family, I imagine Ben had a large role in it.

Cyril never had much time for these Warren Commission zealots.

Griffin has to know about those phone calls and he has to know that Ruby did not walk down the Main Street ramp.


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I'm about 1/4 through "The JFK Assassination Dissected", a very informative detailed perspective.  He was a very intelligent man, well spoken.  Thus far a "wow', after I think 91 years at the time of publication.  RIP Counselor.

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And the thing is Cyril really did not slow down until about his last year.

He was active with many people on the case right up until he was about 91.

For instance he would call Tanenbaum almost every weekend.  He would email Oliver Stone frequently about getting letters in the papers.

He would gladly talk to me about certain forensic issues from his house at night.

And no one should ever underestimate those Duquesne Conferences run by him and Ben. As I recall, at the 2003 one, he had about a thousand people there.

Anyway, he and Gary teamed up to give Griffin a swift kick in the butt.  Really kind of surprised at Griffin, as he was one of the less extreme Commission zealots compared to say Belin.

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