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American Pravda: JFK, Richard Nixon, the CIA, and Watergate

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Ron Unz recently published a lengthy American Pravda article on LBJ and the JFK assassination, which will probably be of interest to Robert Morrow and some of our resident LBJ-ologists.  In that article, Unz provided a fairly detailed, accurate review of Phillip Nelson's two LBJ Mastermind books.

Today, Unz has followed up with a lengthy American Pravda article about JFK, Nixon, the CIA, and Watergate.

This article includes a lot of interesting biographical material about Phillip Graham, Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward.

Unz discusses Len Colodny's book, Silent Coup, in detail, but he, apparently hasn't read Secret Agenda.

American Pravda: JFK, Richard Nixon, the CIA, and Watergate, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review

July 9, 2024


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