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I have been creating a few lesson activities online for my tutor group on Citizenship. They can be found HERE.

Does anyone know of any existing sites which offer good Citizenship activities???

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I have produced an annotated page of Citizenship links here:


I especially like:




I like this comment on the Citizenship Foundation:

It is essential that there are practical ways on offer to raise the quality of teaching and learning in citizenship.

Here we provide details of the various publications, papers and other resources that have been developed either fully or substantially by the Citizenship Foundation.

You then discover that there is no way to obtain the resources. The website then goes on to say:

The Citizenship Foundation has had to remove the search facility temporarily from its website.

We have been made aware of incompatibility issues between our search facility and the National Grid for Learning.

As it is important to us to remain part of the NGfL we have felt it neccessary (sic) to remove the facility while we consider other options.

In the meantime please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thanks John - there are some really good research links there.

However what I am really looking for is planned online activities which could be used by teachers as part of an online lesson. Increasingly as more and more classrooms are internet ready and kitted out this is what teachers will be looking for.

As an aside the comment about the Citizenship Foundation and the NGFL is hilarious :blink: . Although this forum is listed by the NGFL I failed to get my Online Learning site

listed for similar bizarre reasons.

Unlike the Citizenship Foundation though I didn't see fit to alter my site.

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