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Christian David's description of the shots

Guest David L Sharp

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Guest David L Sharp

One reason I believe Christian David's claim that Lucien Sarti was the man who shot Kennedy in the head is David's detailed description of the shots fired, which is different from any other version I've read or heard.

According to David, there were "three guns, four shots, three hits, and one miss." Two shots hit Kennedy, one hit Connally, and one missed the car completely. Furthermore, two shots were fired simultaneously which explains why many witnesses heard three shots.

David's claim that Connally was struck by one bullet is a unique assertion for someone who says there was a conspiracy and Oswald was completely innocent. The Warren Report says the same thing, but it also says Oswald was the lone shooter. This is an area that makes Christian David's description very interesting.

After studying the Zapruder film, I have concluded that David's version is absolutely correct. Not only is it correct, I realized that the Zapruder film alone proves in a legal sense that there was a conspiracy. All one has to do is look at the Zapruder film.

Here is my analysis of the shots fired, based on Christian David's description (from "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"):


Salvador Astucia

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