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There have been several lawsuits filed re the assassination. Normally they tend to be libel actions. As most of you know, in a civil suit there are usdually pretrial depositions, that are normally stenographically recorded (although the trasnscript is not always part of the court file). The transcipt of the trial is not always filed, either, unless there is an appeal.

We all know that Hunt sued (I think it was Liberty Lobby) and lost, and that trial is discussed in Mark Lane's "Plausible Denial".

I also know that David Atlee Phillips sued the Washingtonian magazine over the article it published by Gaeton Fonzi. Quite sure he lost. I have not read much about this case. It is possible it was dismissed without a trial because Phillips was unable to show "malice".

I know there was also litigation between Hunt and ajweberman.

I think it would be interesting to attempt to identify all of thse cases and also identify the attorneys who represented each side. Obviously, the attorneys are bound by attorney-client privilege but the attorneys could have, for instance, copies of depositions not on file in the court system.

I think this is a possible resource tool but even a summary of who sued who and who won and who lost would be interesting.

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