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Comments Concerning Dr. THOMAS Quote?

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Good Day.... I am interested in comments relative to the following quote by Dr. THOMAS within his "Hear No Evil" study, available for all here:



When Officer McLain learned that his testimony to the Assassinations Committee was supportive of evidence that a motorcycle radio had recorded the assassination gunfire, McLain claimed that he had stopped on Houston Street, and that moreover, he claimed that he watched Mrs. Kennedy climb out on to the trunk of the limousine by looking through holes in the reflecting pool wall between himself and the other side of the Plaza. However, McLain's memory is contradicted by the recollections of J.W. Courson. Perhaps unaware of McLain's statements, Courson related to researcher Larry Sneed in "No More Silence," that just as he turned the corner on to Elm Street he saw Mrs. Kennedy out on the trunk of the President's limousine. This event is seen in the Zapruder film about 2-4 sec after the head shot. Thus, Courson must have reached the corner at about the time of the head shot, and because McLain is well ahead of Courson in the Couch film, he must also have been on Elm Street at that time, as projected. The acoustically identified position for the head shot is about 70 ft from the corner. The plotted trajectory of McLain's motorcycle has him arriving at this corner just ahead of Mayor Cabell's car, the sixth car in the motorcade.


Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John" Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly





T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore



"In 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations was presented with acoustical evidence that multiple shooters had been involved in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. During the hearing, staff members played a tape recording for the Committee with the explanation that they were about to hear a rifle shot fired from the Grassy Knoll. After listening to this tape the ranking Republican member of the Committee, Representative Samuel Devine of Ohio, rose in the chamber to declare that he had a great deal of experience with firearms and familiarity with rifle fire. He knew a gunshot when he heard one, he said, and the sound alleged to be from the Grassy Knoll could be many things, but it was clearly not a rifle shot. The staff then explained to Mr. Devine that the tape recording was of a test shot fired from the Grassy Knoll that summer; not the Dallas Police tape from 1963. The incident suggests two things. First, that one cannot determine that a recorded sound is or is not gunfire merely by listening with the naked ear. Secondly, it suggests that Congressman Devine may not have been completely open-minded to the concept under investigation by his Committee."

----Dr. DONALD THOMAS opening presentation remarks about his accoustical studies to the 2001 November in Dallas conference.

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