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The Odio Incident

Tim Gratz

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Silvia Odio was shown a great number of photos but never identified anyone. I suspect the reason for that is she didn't want to. Her close friend Walter McChann told the Secret Service in 1964 that Odio confided to him the name of one of the three men: "Eugenio" Cisneros. He too was a member of JURE, just as Odio. And as she didn't want to implicate her own organization in the murder of the president Odio kept her mouth shut.

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On 12/8/2011 at 7:09 PM, David Andrews said:

Is it possible that the Oswald-Odio introduction is a part of period anti-Castro activity, but not strictly a part of the assassination planning? That it points toward conspiracy against JFK, but was not an attempt to frame Oswald?

If not, it seems like an act of desperation, a flailing to create a confusing association for Oswald. To what end?*

What was the motive for creating an Oswald-Odio connection? Would an established connection bolster the image of "Oswald" as an extrapolitical nutter, willing to shoot either Castro, Walker, Nixon, or Kennedy?

Putting Oswald in the company of two plotters of any stripe is enough to quash the plot's usefulness to an anti-conspiracy investigation. What, if anything, was planned for the case of an investigation intended to establish conspiracy evidence?

Again, the introduction seems like a desperation move, unless the Oswald-Odio introduction is just an infiltration exercise outside the assassination plotting, just an attempt to entrap Odio in anti-Castro plotting for reasons unrelated to the assassination.

Was the Oswald-Odio introduction just a sideline use of Oswald's spy and provocateur talents? Arguments against?

* I edited this post several times to be more exact than in the original version Tommy Graves quotes in Post #159.

David...  I believe Odio was part of Oswald's "intelligence" work.  As such, he traveled north from New Orleans thru Austin and was in Dallas working, imo, in his FBI capacity.

Using the name Henry Oswald in Mexico was a brilliant two-stroke win for the CIA.  1 - it compelled Hoover's FBI to not only go along with the trip but to prove he did it alone despite knowing exactly where he was.. Trying to establish some toe-hold (maybe in his credibility?) thru Odio's father's connections....

Even if Odio was proving that Oswald was some where instead of Mexico, her story would still need squashing due to the creation of the connections.  Mexico simple gives the CIA another knife to stick it to Hoover...  while also running some operation separate and distinct from the assassination...  a Mexico "thing"


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