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The Envolution CMS portal is advanced software which let us to expand our internet activity with, for example, international projects.

Thanks to the Subjects module each teacher of the project (as the Registered member) can publish his own website pages which is included into the bigger part. To a specific project exactly. According with a 'Progress Plan' the project author can change his submitted pages at any time by adding new documents or sub pages.

We take part in Netd@ys great European program. This eNvolution portal let us to setup International initiative common with our friends. They can submit on our Envolution portal resources about culture and traditions in own country. We are the Poland coordinators of Spring Day in Europe (European Commission Initiative), and again this portal is the most useful to connect other schools and to be a center of the exchanging ideas thanks to eNvolution's integrated Forum BBS.

The special section e-Learning is a great module for learning online with many different subjects and groups of students/teachers. It could be useful for consulting online.


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