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Guest Toby Cope

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Guest Toby Cope

I am a 13 year old student at Beachborough School in Oxfordshire, UK. I run a science revision website (ActiveScience.co.uk - www.activescience.co.uk) and have recently started to explore the possibilities of online forums.

I hope to set up a Science Help Forum, the purpose of the forum is:

I created this forum to offer a safe environment on the internet for students to gain free help with their homework / coursework.

The forum will (hopefully) be moderated by science teachers. However, I am not expecting them to offer all the advice, members should help each other where and when they can; the forum's concept will not work if requests for advice aren't responded to!

Toby Cope,

The Science Help Forum

The forum can be viewed at: www.activescience.co.uk/sciencehelp, I am preparing for the opening.

If you are a science teacher and are interested in helping with the moderation of the forum and offering advice on the forum, please let me know; either by posting below or my personal message :please

I understand that this will take up some of your personal time, which may be limited. I am happy to add logo's of schools/departments that take part in the forum in the forum's header on each page. B)

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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ActiveScience is now an impressive looking site.

Forums in school can be a problem. I have started two - both after functioning for a few weeks were blocked by the web filter.

I also tried to access your forum from home but had problems therefore could not leave a message.

Keep trying.

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Guest Toby Cope

Sorry you experience problems with accessing the forum, I was experiencing some problems with access.

You can now access the forum at: www.scienceforum.activescience.co.uk and I would really appreciate it if you signed up!

I recently redesigned ActiveScience.co.uk and am very very happy with the outcome of the change - I think it will go down well with everyone. The pages are lighter and faster loading.

If you try and access the forum now I am sure it will work through the link above.


P.S - I am currently working on getting a banner for the forum sorted

LATER: Science forum banner is now added.

Edited by Toby Cope
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