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Manuel Ray

John Simkin

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Great link.

Manuel Ray crossed Wm. Pawley somehow, and was "tardy" in his

anti-Castroism...this shows a number of grey areas,

The grey area around Castro/anti-Castro, shifting over time

The grey area around offshore sponsored/CIA ops

i.e. the "who is in charge" issue of government / mercenary / mafia / revolutionaries

This is a jurisdictional problem common to Iran Contra, southeast asia and WH 1963.

The grey area around caribean assassination and coup responsibilities circa 1963.

He could have been a double agent working with Trafficante or Cuban handlers...

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Just to add to the mix. Ray was seen by some U.S. interests as being the one to take over when Castro was ousted (don't hold your breath). Others like David Morales saw Ray as being too far to the left.

Ray ended up treading political waters when the attempts to dispose Castro failed.

The image below shows from left to right, Tony Varona, Jose Miro Cardona and Manuel Ray. Ray ended up falling out with Varona as well.


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