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Tippit, Ruby and Oswald.

Guest Eugene B. Connolly

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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

My take on the assassination of John Fitzgerlad Kennedy

Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy.

Oswald was manoevred into the TSBD by persons unknown

for their own nefarious purposes of which Oswald knew nothing.

Oswald wasn't on the sixth floor - he didn't have to be.

All Oswald had to do was to be to hand so he could be implicated.

If Oswald had been on the steps of the TSBD when President

Kennedy was shot this would have made no difference - they would have said

he had run up to the sixth floor after the motorcade had

passed, shot President Kennedy and then run down again out the back.

If Oswald had not turned up for work that day for some reason - sickness

or something else then they would have said he had sneaked into the TSBD,

gone up to the sixth floor, shot President Kennedy and then sneaked out

again - and all, of course, unseen. It didn't matter. By the way,

Lovelady - Oswald's lookalike wasn't standing in the TSBD doorway

for nothing - he was there for a reason.

If Oswald had not been in Dallas on the 22nd November 1963

then as soon as they had found out that he was an employee

(which of course they knew already, anyway) of the TSBD they

would have gone and brought him back. Association by employment

with the TSBD was enough to damn Oswald. Hell, he didn't even have to work there -

he could have been delivering letters or something or just passing by.

If the shots had come from some other source then too Oswald would have been hauled in.

The only thing that could have saved Oswald

was to get to hell out of the USA and even then there would be

no guarantee that they would not come looking for him.

'They' equals the DPD and everyone else who was in on the conspiracy.

Poor Oswald couldn't win - he was done for no matter what he did or didn't do.

But Oswald was in the TSBD enjoying a Coke as witnesses

said but these same witnesses could have been 'relied' on in any event

- even if they had not seen Oswald at all. No one can lie like an eyewitness.

After the shooting Oswald left. He wasn't running away or fleeing

because President Kennedy had been shot but because Oswald suddenly

realised that he had got involved in something he knew nothing about.

Oswald smelled a fish and it stank to high heaven and he knew it didn't

look good and it didn't look good for him in particular. He had been set up.

He panicked and went home. He changed clothing and took his gun

because he knew his life was in danger - to use only in self defence.

He left his rooming house and came across Tippit went over to talk to him when some 'nut'

appears from nowhere and shoots Tippit and would have shot Oswald too if Oswald had

not been quick and got away. This time he was fleeing - fleeing for his life.

What is Oswald thinking? He is probably thinking: ' What the f***

have I got myself into here?' And he has to think fast.

Then he remembers what that treacherous scuzzbucket Ruby

had said to him: "After it's all over. Go to the Texas Theatre

and I'll help you out." Of course,Oswald in his innocence and naivety had

never thought to enquire of Ruby what he meant by 'it' in 'After it's all over.'

So Oswald went like the trusting person he was to the theatre

as prearranged where Ruby was waiting for him.

Ruby planned to shoot Oswald. But hold on... Why would Ruby shoot

Oswald in the theatre? Ruby realised he couldn't shoot Oswald because

he had to maintain the fiction that he didn't know Oswald. For Ruby to shoot

Oswald at this stage would have been madness. How could Ruby explain

to the police why he had shot a man he didn't know for shooting

President Kennedy. Anyway as it turned out Ruby couldn't have shot anyway

Oswald because the theatre was flooded with police within minutes

and there were cameras there - not the Ruby had any intrinsic objection to

killing people on camera. Perhaps Ruby thought the police would do

the job he had been assigned and kill Oswald for him anyway - cameras or no cameras.

After all Oswald had a gun. It is amazing that Oswald survived the arrest.

"I am not resisting arrest!" and "Police brutality. " were Oswald's

words in the theatre. A strange and revealing choice of words. Why? Because with

these words Oswald was telling the cameras " I am innocent. Keep rolling.

Don't let these mofos shoot me in cold blood. You are witnesses that

I am not resisting arrest." Oswald got out of the theatre

with a busted eye - it could have been a lot worse. So Oswald survived - again.

Now Oswald really knew how much trouble he really was

in and he still did not know what it was all about.

But Ruby was seething. He had been denied his prey.

Ruby would now make plans and ensure

he would not be denied a second time.

Ruby cases the DPD and lays plans to finish Oswald off - good and proper.

Ruby had to delay his attack until the right time.

Ruby could have shot Oswald any time after the arrest in the theatre.

If Ruby had shot Oswald very soon after his arrest

Ruby could tell police - if they happened to ask how he knew Oswald

had shot President Kennedy, which they wouldn't but if they

had Ruby would simple say: " Wasn't I in the theatre when

you arrested him? I got a good look at the guy then."

Of course the DPD never bothered asking Ruby:

"How come you were in the theatre with this guy?"

They didn't bother because they didn't want to know

and didn't care - " Let's not complicate things here - keep it nice and simple."

Thus Ruby hid the truth that he had known Oswald before the theatre arrest.

It was neat. Now Oswald was dead meat.

Soon, however, Ruby would have no need to delay further.

Oswald had been accused of shooting President Kennedy.

That piece of information was now in the public domain.

Everybody knew Oswald had shot President Kennedy.

It was now open season on Oswald. Ruby got the green light.

Ruby was now ready to make his move.

When the time came to eliminate Oswald everything had been set up.

The prey was delivered on a silver platter and this time there

would be no mistake. Ruby shot Oswald. What were Ruby's words to

Oswald as he charged towards him and pulled the trigger?

Simple - just one word: "Oswald!" Ruby was smart

enough not to shout "You killed my friend Tippit"

(Even if Ruby had not strictly

been a 'friend' of Tippit's. For with friends like Ruby who needed enemies?) or

even "You killed my president". Ruby couldn't mention

Tippit's name because to do so would have blown his scheme apart.

He couldn't mention President Kennedy because he was thinking ahead:

Ruby's thinking was if I mention President Kennedy or 'my president'

then I won't be able to rely on my defence later on when my lawyers

claim I did it all in an epileptic seizure when my mind was unbalanced and that I didn't

know what I was doing. Ruby must give the attack on Oswald the appearance

of being aberrational,random, spontaneous and totally unpremeditated.

Ruby later would actually ask his lawyer as they

watched the Oswald shooting: "Did I really do that?

Was that really me?" Later Ruby would say he killed Oswald to spare

Jackie having to attend a trial in Dallas! What a slimeball!

Using Jackie's grief as his defence! And so with that single word "Oswald!"

Ruby spoke volumes. With that one word went the unspoken

subtext that only Ruby and (the other conspirators) of course Oswald

would understand before Oswald died. Oswald would get the message loud and clear:

"Oswald!" [You s** of a b****. You fouled up. You got Tippit

killed and God knows who else you're gonna get killed. So here's yours.

I missed you before but it's the end of the line for you, you patsy! This is really it!"

Add to this the fact that Ruby during questioning was never to refer to Oswald by name

but always as 'That guy' or a similar form of words.

But on shooting Oswald Ruby was determined to let Oswald

know who he, Ruby was so Oswald would recognise Ruby - and from way back.

It was a sort of " Hey Oswald!

Remember me?! Here's Jack, Lee!"

Ruby went to jail and didn't care. Ruby knew the rules. He wasn't ever going

to talk - in spite of his teasing of Earl Warren asking him to take him to

Washington where 'he would reveal all' and the rest of that BS.

Ruby would die (naturally or unnaturally) in prison but so what?

Prison suited Ruby fine. He had completed his allotted task to perfection.

It had been a close call but he had done it.

Even if Ruby had been acquitted and had never gone to prison

he would have been safe.

Ruby would never reveal the truth of his central

role in the conspiracy.

Ruby was one smart cookie.


Edited by Eugene B. Connolly
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