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You may notice the occasional red 'active user' name at the bottom of the page. These are the names of the students who are currently participating in the trial debate on the forum. Some members may also appear in blue, these are the teachers who are helping to moderate the debate.

For security and admin reasons this part of the forum will be inaccessible for all users except students and their teachers until the trial period is over. The students have been denied access to all other areas of the forum and cannot even see what is posted elsewhere. :ph34r:

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How about if they view as a guest then? :blink:

Right as always. You should try running one of these forums yourself y'know :blink:

However, as a guest they can view everything but the area that will allow them to post. As a guest (or student) they are unable to contribute to any other areas of the forum. They are also unable to PM, view anyone else's profile or email (and vice versa). Whilst I consider the professional views of my colleagues most stimulating, I doubt my students share this voiceless desire to lurk. In addition they have been encouraged to receive the forum cookie which should default them to the student setting.

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You may notice the occasional red 'active user' name at the bottom of the page.

Sorry ..... at the bottom of which page? I have a hard time to search for it but until now in vain.

Richard is referring to this information at the bottom of the board. At the moment it reads:

"1 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)

1 Members: Andy Walker"

Whenever you log on you will see at the bottom of the page similar information which tells you who else is logged onto the board at the same time as you. If the user name is in red letters it means they are a student with access only to the student areas - that's all

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