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Was Harold Wilson a KGB Agent?

John Simkin

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6 hours ago, David Andrews said:

I suspect KGB ran a double-game on Angleton, in which Golitsyn and Nosenko were each false defectors, tying up CIA in internal squabbles and leading to Angleton's retirement by Colby.  Whichever of their moles had to be sacrificed to establish Golitsyn's bona fides were pawns in a cynical greater game.  If Nosenko had to suffer, KGB gambled that we wouldn't kill a defector even if perceived as false.

If the views of the second Harold Wilson documentary above bear any credence, KGB may have run a similarly confounding game in England, harassing Wilson and MI5 each into paranoia about the other, knowing also that MI5 had a strong line to Angleton.

That seems reasonable. I intend to watch the documentary - looks interesting. 

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