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Warren Report XXIII

Wade Rhodes

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Has anybody ever checked on these 3 statements made in Warren Report??

Who lived at 5818 belmont??


I was finally able to get to the Report you cited.

With respect to statement number 3, I believe this to be John Elrod. The time on Elrod's arrest report is given as 2:45 PM

The radio transmissions surrounding this subject and getting a wrecker to pick up a car near Cobb Stadium are kind of interesting:

According to CE 1974 at 23H885, at approximately 2:20PM, Unit 474A

(which is only identified as the Special Services Bureau) is

dispatched to pick up a "subject on this overpass, carrying a rifle;

railroad tracks, Cobb Stadium." 474A was asked if he could see the

subject. 474A said no, but that they would go over and get him.

At 2:23, Unit 22 (Patrolman L.L. Hill) was dispatched to go out to

Cobb Stadium on the railroad track overpass and meet 474A at the

railroad tracks. "There is a white male carrying a rifle" (23H886)

At 2:26, unit 562 (a wrecker) radioed in and said that he was at Cobb

stadium "for that suspect's car" (23H887). The Dispatcher told the

wrecker to wait there, that 474A will "be back in a minute".

At 2:27, Unit 52(unknown) radioed in and asked if the T.C. Cobb

Stadium was on the Hines Blvd overpass, the railroad overpass, or the

freeway overpass and asked which direction the suspect was walking.

The Dispatcher's response was garbled, but said he didn't know about

the direction. (23H887)

At 2:28 Patrolman Hill reported that he was with the wrecker at Cobb

Stadium and Unit 474A was ordered to go there. (23H887)

474A radios in and says, "The car that we want picked up is on the

parking lot if front of the Merchandise Mart just north of Cobb


22 asks if it is a 1964 Falcon. 474A says, "No. It is a red panel

truck with writing on the side... license plate 3E9087. (23H888)

The time on Elrod's Arrest Record is given as 2:45 pm.

As early as 2:03 PM, Unit 474A was calling for a wrecker. "We need a

wrecker on the parking lot just west of Cobb's stadium for suspect's

car." (23H881)

At 2:26, unit 562 (a wrecker) radioed in and said that he was at Cobb

stadium "for that suspect's car" (23H887). The Dispatcher told the

wrecker to wait there, that 474A will "be back in a minute".

What suspect was that? 474A wasn't dispatched to pick up the suspect

walking on the railroad tracks until 2:20 PM. (23H885)

There follows as series of transmissions from 474A looking for Deputy

Chief M.W. Stevenson and Lieutenant C.C. Wallace.

Steve Thomas

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Excellent Steve, it would be nice if we could find out who Unit 474A was. 

Any more information on Lonnie Ray Wright?

I once wrote an essay called, "Drunk on the Railroad Tracks." It went like this:

I started out by reading Deputy Sheriff "Lummie" Lewis' after action report in the WC Hearings. There is one line that reads:





Deputy C.L. "Lummie" Lewis, Dallas County Sheriff's Department

Lonnie Ray Wright w/m/ - 3 time loser. Drunk, put in jail. Was on RR track.

I went to the DPD Archives, and Wright does not appear in the Index.

So, I went to the DPD Dispatch tapes. At 1:08, there is this transmission:

At 1:08 :

261: I have a white male that fits that description in

size. He's drunk down at the end of the north end

of Laws Street. You want to have someone check him?

DIS: 15.

15: 15.

DIS: Can you get to him?

DIS: 261, are you near that person?

261: I've got him on my motor.

DIS: Are you at the north end of Laws, at the dead end?

261: 10-4.

261 is Patrolman C.M. Barnhart

15: If you can get 15, car 2, would you get him to put some personnel on those railroad tracks near Market Hall and check back toward this location? And check up the tracks in that immediate vicinity.

DIS: 10-4.

DIS: 15, car 2.

DIS: 10-4, 15. He's on Channel 2. He has the information.

DIS: Do you have anybody you could send to the dead

end of Laws Street?

15: 10-4.

212: 212.

DIS: 212.

212: Have you got another squad that can meet that

unit at the dead end of Laws? I'm blocked in over

here and can't get out.

DIS: Yes. Disregard. Have someone there now.

212: 10-4.

15 is Captain Talbert

15-2 is Captain Souter

212 is Patrolman Spredlin

261: 261.

DIS: 261.

261: I'm going to stay on these railroad tracks down

at the end of Laws.

DIS: 10-4.

261 is Patrolman C. M. Barnhart and is a 3 wheel motorcycle

At 1:12 # 243 calls in on Channel 2. #243 is Patrolman B. L. Apple

“I’m down here with this three wheeler at the dead-end of Laurels and he has got black hair. He is 42 years old and got a light colored jacket on and he is pretty drunk but he has been walking down these railroad tracks. Do you want me to take him up there or what do you want me to do with him?

Yes, take any of them up there to 505 Main and contact Matt or Emmit Hughes.


Box 14, Folder# 4, Item# 11 page 32


In the DPD Archives, there is an Arrest Report for John Elrod signed by C.M. Barnhart (Box 3, Folder#20, Item# 2)


It reads in part, "This man was arrested on railroad tracks a few minutes after radio call was dispatched that man was walking along railroad carrying a rifle. This man was not carrying a rifle at time of arrest."

The time on Elrod's Arrest Record is given as 2:45 pm, but Barnhart is talking about his suspect as "having him on my motor" as early as 1:10 or so.

Elrod's age in his arrest report is given as 31.

Apple's transmission at 1:12 gives his suspect's age as 42.

So, is the 1:08 - 1:12 arrest for Lonnie Ray Wright?

How old was Lonnie Ray Wright?

Apple is instructed to take his suspect to the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

Elrod's arrest report is filed by the Dallas City Police.

Elrod's arrest report was signed by C.M. Barnhart, H.M. Hart and F.A. Hellinghausen of the Special Services Bureau, and M.A. Rhodes.

Why was Elrod's arrest record signed by Barnhart and not L.L. Hill?

Barnhart was in on the arrest at 1:08PM, but there is no reference on the dispatch tapes to him being in on the 2:23 PM arrest.

There is a M.A. Rhoads who is listed as a 3-W motorcycle officer on the second platoon 10:00 - 6:00 PM shift in the Traffic Divison (19H131) He was number 292.

His name is spelled differently on Elrod's arrest report.

I wonder what happened to Lonnie Wright?

He'd probably have an interesting story to tell.

Steve Thomas

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