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DuPont Dynasty (better living?)

Shanet Clark

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Members interested in Twentieth Century fascist trends, monopolistic wealth, dynastic families, corporate hegemony and Krupps style armament profiteering should know about Jerry Colby's book:


This is a very legitimate, well researched and readable history book.

The DuPonts, aristocratic exiles from the French Revolution, came to America with gunpowder formulas and started the first and most important "trust" when they bought out all the other explosives companies in the US around 1900.

By the 1930s the Dupont DeNemours company was thoroughly blended with the

German chemical cartel of IG FARBEN (Hoescht, AGFA, BASF and BAYER)...

After WWII they attempted to gain a monopoly on atomic weapons and energy.

Today they are the largest chemical polluter in the U.S. and their family sits in financial control of General Motors and the American chemical industry.

If anyone wants to investigate these disturbing events, by all means they should purchase and read


by GERALD COLBY (Lyle Stuart publishers)

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Guest Stephen Turner


have u read I B M & the holocaust It details IBM leasing of tabulating

machines to the nazi regime these were so good that it made

the rounding up of Jews & other targets very easy.Oh by the way

IBM contiued to collect rent on these right up to the end of

hostilities cant let a little war get in the way of good business.


Edited by Stephen Turner
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