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Anybody have Weigman film?

Wade Rhodes

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Thanks Steve, do you know the location of Malcom Summers in zapruder or any

other film??

Good Day Wade.... The location of World War II and Korean War United

States Air Force Veteran MALCOLM SUMMERS, who was on 22NOV63 the

founder and owner of "Summers Mailing Services," and who during the

attack was standing in the Dealey Plaza north infield grass, just south of the Elm

Street south curb and 42' west of MARY MOORMAN, has been triangulated

on my professionally-surveyed Dealey Plaza map, the internet link for which is

always freely available from within my public JFK file for everyone here....


SUMMERS was on a line-of-sight directly aligned "above" President

KENNEDY's head as seen in in the ZAPRUDER film at Zf-349. (his attack

gunshots and/or head explosion reaction is seen in the Z-film displayed in his

diving eastward, to his right, {film left} and backwards, to his rear, landing

on his derier and hands.)

The trotting path that SUMMERS has steadfastly maintained he took about 2

minutes after the attack across Elm Street and up the "grassy knoll" towards the

north pergola/parking lot where he claims to have encountered a 5'10" to 6' tall

man on the south side of north pergola (SUMMERS estimated he was 50'

from "ZAPRUDER's pedestal) by a man wearing a business suit, dress hat, and

a tie, and who had a weapon mostly concealed under an overcoat is indicated in a

turquoise blue line, with the turquoise blue solid circle at that line's end

indicating the location where SUMMERS described that the encounter with the

armed man took place. SUMMERS stated the man stopped him (and several other

persons nearby SUMMERS) and said, "Don't come up here. You may get shot."

Interestingly, SUMMERS --as did several other documented attack witnesses--

stated that of the audible muzzle blasts and/or mechanically-suppress-fired bullet

bow shockwaves that he remembered hearing, one of them occured after

President KENNEDY's head had already initially exploded at Zf-313.

Here is the DP map, with its 3 important followup considerations....


The DP map is updated at least monthly so please feel free to bookmark it

within your favorites file and check periodically for new information. Comments

and critiques are always welcomed. All referenced contributions for

inclusion onto the map will be considered.

Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John" Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly




T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore



"I looked towards the top of the terrace to my right as the sound of the shots

seemed to come from that direction."

----Secret Service Dallas Office Special-Agent-In-Charge Forest Sorrels'

report dated 28NOV63: also 21H548 (at the attack start SORRELS was just past

the FRANZEN's, even with the picket fence corner, some 140' in front of

the President)

Edited by Don Roberdeau
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