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JFK assassination- the play

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I just today came across in the book 'The three assassinations' details of a play written by Barbara Garson about the assassination. It parallels Macbeth and accuses lyndon johnson of perpetrating it, it is satirical.

It opened on February 22nd 1967 at the village gate theater.

It was staged by Roy Levine and starred Stacy Keach.


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The name of the play is MacBird, and it starred Stacy Keach, among others. I've read it. It makes the claim, seemingly far-fetched, that Adlai Stevenson's death was a murder and was connected to the death of Kennedy.

I did a little reading on Adlai's death and it's not really that far-fetched, after all. He dropped dead on a Paris street after criticizing LBJ's war in Vietnam on the radio. Since the CIA was working on drugs that could simulate a heart attack, and since Stevenson was blamed by many for the Bay of Pigs, he certainly could have been eliminated.

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