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Rybka Left Behind

Greg Wagner

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I have seen it, a Secret Service agent is waved away from his post on the

Presidential Limousine, he protests briefly, shrugs, shakes his head and is left


(RYBKA stripped of his responsibilities, 12 noon, 11/22/63)

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Asst. Special Agent in Charge Emory Roberts, who ordered Rybka away from the limo, lied about Rybka being left behind in a shift report for 11/22/63.

In a memo to Chief Rowley dated 11/29/63 (found on pp. 279-283 of Mortal Error), Roberts states that SA Don Lawton stayed at Love Field with SA Warner and Rybka to set up security for the president's departure to Austin. Roberts then lists the 10 agents including himself who were in the follow-up car. The list is followed by this:

"Note: On shift report for Nov. 22, 1963, I listed SA Rybka as riding in center of rear seat, which was in error, as he was not in car. As mentioned above, he remained at Love Field."


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