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Assassination Timeline

Wade Rhodes

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I have a question,

23 Oct. 1963  Ruth Paine makes notation on her calender - ‘LHO purchase of rifle.’

ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 293

Is the above a fact????

I seem to remember that she explained that in an interview by saying that she wrote that down after the assassination when she heard it on TV, and that the date meant nothing. She simply wrote it down on Oct 23 instead of the actual date Nov 23.when she turned one too many pages. For what it's worth.

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I started a thread on the Paines.

Is everyone aware of the electronically recorded phone call between the Paines in which Michael Paine said (to this effect) the afternoon of the assassination:  "We both know who is responsible"?

I believe he explained that somewhere as being a sexist reference to Marina; evidently he felt her bitching about sex had somehow contributed to Oswald's flipping out and killing the president. De Mohrenschildt felt she was abusive as well.

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