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Biography: Jürgen van Capelle

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* born in 1962

* living near Bielefeld, a town in the middle of germany, between Hannover

and Dortmund

* I am heading the division of International Cooperation of ESTA Bildungswerk, which is a adult training provider

* I am especially interested in ...

the e-learning experiences of other people, because we are offering e-learning courses and maybe we can improve them

other specialists and organizations for possible cooperation in common EU-projects (which is apparently my core activity: the development and management of EU-projects

My own website is http://www.esta-bw.de/sites/int/indexi.html

General website of whole company is http://www.esta-bw.de/start.html

One of our e-learning sites: http://esta.ammma.de/design/index.html

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