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Nativist Vigilantes in U.S. Politics

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In the late 1800s the nineteenth century experienced a wave of TERRORISM.

Vigilante groups, self appointed white males used violence to co-ordinate and drive anti-democratic and anti-republican representative theories of power onto the national political stage, where they remained through until today.

In San francisco, New orleans and New york city, violent and murderous elites took hard right reactionary race baiting political positions, while taking over local and state political structures. Anti Asian and Anti Irish Catholic rhetoric drove the organizations efforts, and the tradition of the Know Nothing runs through secret societies until this day.

Self appointed race baiting whiter than white rednecks with money combined in the 1850-1900 period and they recombined, as the reaction of the late 20th century recapped many of these themes.

Joseph Kennedy and his four sons were Irish Catholic political bosses from Boston, Massachusetts, and while some in the Cambridge Harvard MIT Beacon Hill circle accepted and welcomed the Kennedy's entrepot to political power, others

centered in New Haven, Wall Street, Michigan and greater Los Angeles opposed the rise of the Kennedy's sons.

Vigilante elites. This is the key, paramilitary assassinations were common in the racially loaded Victorian period, when Irish and Asian were non white ethnic groups, Catholic leaders were killed.

When John Kennedy took the 1960 election, over fellow Senator and Vice President Richard Nixon, the aggravated elements of the right brought militant reactionary illegal force to bear, and the constitution was overhauled with the new succession doctrine of EXECUTIVE REMOVAL, in a law originally composed by Senator Estes Kefauver, who died in 1963 of a heart attack and ratified by the States in 1967, in the year before Lyndon Baines Johnson stepped down.

ALexander Haig, National Security Adviser to President Ford, Protege of Henry Kissinger and General Douglas MacArthur, served as White House Chief of Staff during the transition of power in August 1974. Recent indiscretions committed by the Haig ego point to a role for Al Haig in the Bay of Pigs, BAYO EDDIE, OPERATION TILT, OPERATION EXECUTIVE ACTION, CHAOS, COINTELL COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM the domestic joint agency disruption of American Society and our political state in the Cold War 1960s and 1970s.


and of course AM/LASH, ZR/RIFLE ZERO RIFLE and WH EXECUTIVE ACTION an illegal US domestic covert assassination team run by Howard Hunt out of Mexico City, but cooperating and coordinated by JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF, NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE, MARINE INTELLIGENCE and NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. Of course, marine intelligence is an oxymoron and very frightening entity, serving as the source for LEE HARVEY OSWALD, and his LEGEND.

The vigilantes of the anti Catholic reaction survived to mix with German rocket scientists and Nazi Pharmocological and Behavioural Psychologists in OPERATION ARTICHOKE which was a joint military illegal Domestic mind control, hypnosis and forced drugging PROGRAM.

Most famous of these was the MK/ULTRA, which combined PSYCHIC DRIVING or forced behavioural actions on witting ang unwitting individuals.

These forces, I believe came together to kill John Kennedy and overthrow our government through force and guile. RICHARD RUSSELL, Georgia Senator, Military and Intelligence Appriations Chair and Warren COmmission member, Exercised what enforcement and oversight which existed, which was nearly nil.

He and the Congress knew little of the PROGRAMS until November 1963.

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