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Biography: Robert Davidson

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I work as a Registered Nurse in California. I'm not a reasearcher, just an average citizen with an interest in the JFK assassination, who has enjoyed "lurking" on your site, and in actual fact I don't foresee doing anything but continuing to "read only" in the future. The only reason I have applied to register is that I have one small question I wanted to ask of any of the regulars who are interested in the photographic record of the assassination; actually it's a question in response to a comment made by one of them regarding a person photographed just before the kill shot(s). It is as follows: A comment was made that just as JFK is passing, a man in a silver (construction type) hardhat assumes a "bizarre" pose. Could this pose actually be a mimicking of JFK's hand position (hands to throat), and could he be trying to alert the SS agents in the F/U car as it passes, possibly also vocally communicating? There is another photograph (I'm sorry, I don't remember the photographer's name) wherein one standing SS agent seems to be looking in the man's direction.

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