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Who was Julio?

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In the book "Sons and Brothers" Mahoney states that while Rosselli was working at Point Mary in Key Largo his commanding officer was a tall Cuban named Julio.

Does anyone know who this was?


Is this the expert marksman that Brad Ayers was talking about?

Julio is a pretty common name but there was a guy present at Point Mary named Julio Garcia. He was an expert marksman and participated on several raids into Cuba.

In 1967, he was part of the CIA contingent in Bolivia hunting Che Guevara. His cover was as an Urban Police Advisor. Garcia was not tall but a man of average height and build. This is him below.

This one is a real lucky dip.


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Tim, I'm afraid this is one case where Sons and Brothers is repeating a piece of information which may have some problems. I suggest you closely read Ayears book and look at the timing of his visits to Point Mary and do some work with the calandar and map. I did that and although I wouldn't question the basic observations he may be simply repeating gossip about some of Roselli's earlier involvement with these folks. If you check the timing against Roselli's FBI surveillance logs its pretty clear that Roselli was spending his time in LA and Vegas by the time Ayears was making his first camp visits in 1963.

Certainly Roselli may have slid in for a couple of visits - we can't know that since all the FBI surveillance out of Miami seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the record. However this is another case of where things that may have been true earlier had changed by the time you get to the summer of 1963. Roselli's official connection to JMWAVE was over by several months at that point - of course the real question is is possible ongoing relationship with both William Harvey and David Morales.

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