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Extended Essay On JFK's Assassination

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I am an IB student, in yr 12 and for my examination I am to write an essay of 4000 words on a topic of my choice - I choose JFK's assassination. The essay has to make use of sources for historical analysis and interpretation (preferably reasonably recently released historical documents or perhaps interviewing an eyewitness or expert?) and the topic should focus on a fairly narrow area of the assassination so that I can focus, and keep to the word limit. My problem is, I dont know what aspect of JFK's assassination I should focus on, so I was hoping that someone could give me some ideas?? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Thank you :D

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I have also posted your request in the section where the JFK experts tend to go:


You say you would like to interview “an eyewitness or expert”. We have plenty of experts who will help you once you get started. The following members are eyewitnesses to the events surrounding the JFK assassination.

Adele Edisen


Gerry P. Hemming


Nathaniel Weyl


Harry Dean


Vaughn Marlowe


Tosh Plumlee


Judyth Baker


I suspect there are others but they don’t post using their real names. It is possible they might contact you if they feel you are researching “in their area”. Take a look at these biographies and make a decision on what aspects of the case you want to research. Send me a PM if you want more help with this.

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