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Maybe I missed something.

If someone can show me one piece/post/item by this McMadams bloke, that deals in depth, with any of the evidence that points away from the TSBD in a professional & scholorly manor, I'd be obliged.

Anything of his or any pieces supported by him always comes across as biased & mostly during the first couple paragraphs(& sadly thats as far as I go with 'em).


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It is suspicious that any rational person would take the official government line on every possible angle and detail, and never venture any independent suspicion whatsoever, unless he were a self appointed (or appointed) government hack and mouthpiece. Obviously his site is a put-up job to distract and slow a researchers findings on the search engines.

That goes for Dave Perry, too, as well as John McAdams, both have agendas for the state >>>>>>>>>>>


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I suggest you inadvertently fell into a trap here.

We should all remember that the "last investigation" by an agency of the United States government concluded that President Kennedy's death was probably the result of a conspiracy.

The last official position of the United States Government is that a conspiracy killed President Kennedy.

We should remember that the HSCA determined that the conclusion of the Warren Commission was probably wrong.

We may or may not agree with Blakey's conclusions about who did it or how he ran the committee but the bottom line, the only one that really counts, is that according to the HSCA, there was probably a conspiracy.

That is really the latest position of the USA, is it not?

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The House findings came from one house of Congress, have general and vapid conclusions and bear little of the Presidential, Executive and Supreme Court impramatur that the Warren Commission findings STILL bear.

The House committee reluctantly referred to a conspiracy, and naming no names, made it clear that OSWALD and RUBY were there prime conspiritors.

The House Committee stayed within the confines of a mild bureaucratic oversight finction, rubberstamping false and evasive agency testimony and only pointing out the most glaring of mistakes in the Warren/FBI record.

Who is in the conspiracy? They don't say, so people with a bent toward blindly naive patriotic defensiveness can claim quaint and absurd notions like:

The KGB did it,

Castro did it,

or other HERRING sent upstream to spawn by sources like ANGLETON and FITZGERALD.

It is extremely suspicious that MCADAMS follows this old, Warren Report, approach to every question.

And NO, the FBI, Treasury, CIA and Military have never shown any signs of supporting any other findings than the WARREN COMMISSION.

The joint agencies that killed Kennedy have not approved the 1978 House findings.

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