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The evidence has been manipulated, falsified, forged, leaked, denied and classified for too long. The only thing that can square this level of secrecy with the truth in my mind is that the whole thing was a "legal" joint agency sanction, an executive sanction of Kennedy. This would fall roughly into the parameters set by the 25th Amendment for removal of a President. The Secret Service, FBI and military intelligence had the means, motive, opportunity, training and desire to do the bidding of JFK's militant reactionary opposition.

The weakness of the Lee Harvey Oswald scenario indicates that this is the case.

The policy makers behind JM/WAVE , OPERATION PHOENIX and the MK/ULTRA program are perfectly capable of this, and the MOCKINGBIRD program, which flourished with the CHAOS and COINTELPRO programs show that the whole thing could have been -- and was -- covered up.

The inability of the evidence after government handling to make any sense drives our speculation. The classified material may or may not come out and say he was killed for "our own good" and charges of treason against Kennedy are regularly posted. Between Ellen Romesch, Mary Meyer and the Backchannel to Moscow, the naval and civil agencies that built security clearance files on all top executive, and Kennedy was on a short leash.

EXECUTIVE SANCTION, COUP D'ETAT and illegitimate succession do not only occur far in the past in far away lands.

The Classifiers overthrew democratic representative government in 1963 and replaced it with their own Executive regency (Johnson....Ford....Bush...Bush)

The power to classify is the power to re write history, ala George Orwell's "1984"...

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Ok, thanks Shanet for input.

"All assassination related documents that have not been destroyed are scheduled, according to the 1992 Assassinations Records Review Board laws, to be released to the public by 2017 (originally the Warren Commission documentations were sealed just before the 1964 presidential election against public availability by President Johnson until 2039)"

Just 12 years then we will all know...

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