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John Liggett and Lois Liggett

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Very little is out there about John Liggett, his wife Lois, his brother Malcolm and the reconstructive post mortem call he took 11/22/63.

I have found this French site to be generally useful and today saw them link John Liggett to George DeMorenschildt, and thus to Ruth Paine.

I hate to post in French but this is pretty self evident:

John Ligget

Mortician who might have been called in on November 22, 1963 to reconstruct the dead President's head.

This is the opinion of John Melvin Ligget's ex-wife Loïs. Ligget was arrested in 1974 for the murder of Jay Bert Peck's widow.

According to Billie Sol Estes in "JFK, le dernier témoin", John Ligget would also have killed Jay Bert Peck himself, and many other people related to John F. Kennedy's assassination. He would have been a serial killer used by an organization responsible of JFK's death.

See also: George De Mohrenschildt, Jay Bert Peck

A friend of Lee Harvey Oswald whom the HSCA proved to have been regularly employed by the CIA.

He introduced Ruth Paine to Oswald.

George De Mohrenschildt was found dead in the afternoon of the day he was to be heard by an HSCA investigator. Killed by a bullet in the mouth. The coroner declared it was a suicide. However, in "JFK, le Dernier Témoin", by William Reymond, Billie Sol Estes tells about a murder by John Ligget.

One learns in the same book that there would be a film owned by a private collector in Europe in which De Mohrenschildt claims to have manipulated Oswald to make sure he would take part in John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Jay Bert Peck

Lyndon Johnson's double

Cousin of Lyndon B. Johnson who resembled him amazingly. He has been LBJ's official double.

According to Billie Sol Estes in "JFK, le dernier témoin", Jeay Bert Peck would have replaced Lyndon Johnson during the night between November 21 and 22.

John Ligget »


Spécialiste de la reconstitution faciale, que certains - dont son ex-épouse Lois - soupçonnent d'avoir reconstitué le visage de John F. Kennedy le 22 novembre 1963. Cette opération aurait eu pour but d'effacer les traces d'un tir de face sur JFK.

Ligget fut arrêté en 1974 pour tentative de meurtre contre la veuve de Jay Bert Peck, sosie de Lyndon B. Johnson.

Dans "JFK, le dernier témoin", Billie Sol Estes déclare que John Melvin Ligget aurait également tué Jay Bert Peck lui-même, ainsi que de nombreuses autres personnes liées à l'assassinat de John F. Kennedy. Ligget aurait été un tueur en série utilisé par une organisation responsable de la mort de JFK.

Voir aussi: George De Mohrenschildt, Jay Bert Peck

» Objets liés à John Ligget

« George De Mohrenschildt »

Ami d'Oswald

Naissance: 17 avril 1911 - Mort: Mardi 29 mars 1977

Ami de Lee Harvey Oswald dont le HSCA montra qu'il était employé régulièrement par la CIA.

C'est lui qui présenta Ruth Paine à Oswald.

George De Mohrenschildt fut retrouvé mort l'après-midi du jour où il devait être entendu par un enquêteur du HSCA. Tué d'une balle dans la bouche. Le médecin légiste conclut qu'il s'agissait d'un suicide. Mais dans "JFK, le dernier témoin" de William Reymond, Billie Sol Estes parle d'un meurtre qui aurait été commis par John Ligget.

On apprend dans le même ouvrage qu'il existerait chez un collectionneur privé en Europe un film inédit dans lequel De Mohrenschildt déclarerait avoir manipulé Lee Harvey Oswald pour s'assurer sa participation à l'assassinat de John F. Kennedy.

Voir aussi: Ruth Paine

« Jay Bert Peck »

Sosie de Lyndon Johnson

Cousin éloigné de Lyndon Johnson qui lui ressemblait étonnamment. Il a été le sosie officiel du vice-président de JFK.

Dans "JFK, le dernier témoin", Billie Sol Estes déclare que Jay Bert Peck aurait remplacé Lyndon B. Johnson dans la nuit du 21 au 22 novembre 1963. Peck se serait fait passer pour LBJ à Fort Worth (lieu où a résidé officiellement Johnson la veille de l'assassinat d'après le rapport Warren) afin que le vice-président puisse se rendre incognito à Dallas pour régler les détails d'une opération visant à assassiner John F. Kennedy.

Toujours selon Billie Sol Estes, Jay Bert Peck aurait été assassiné par John Ligget, qui sera plus tard arrêté pour tentative d'assassinat à l'encontre de la veuve de Peck.

Voir aussi: John Ligget


Ligget was a suspect in DeMorenschildt's murder/


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Hi Shanet.

I do remember reading a story about liggett some months back it was on a forum which was for "Embalmers"

They would disscuss there jobs and the tricks of the trade..

There was an interesting discussion on there which related to ligget , when i tried to access the site a couple of weeks later it had dissapeared.

I don't remember much about the conversation, they said how he was the best at his trade and a very dangerous individual.

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I knew he was a reconstruction man and had the strange "death" with later sightings, but this deMorenschildt/serial witness murder theme is new.

You should click on the French site, their is a "button" for English translation.

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John Melvin Liggett (November 7, 1933 - February 14, 1975?) is not listed in the Namebase database, and there are only two citations in Walt Brown’s Global index, both from Harrison Livingstone (Killing the Truth and Killing Kennedy).

In November 2003, the History Channel broadcast three new chapters in Nigel Turner’s series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy. The John Liggett story is told in Chapter VII, “The Smoking Guns.” All three episodes were briefly available on DVD from the History Channel website. But they were suddenly withdrawn due to heavy pressure from supporters of LBJ (Chapter IX – “The Guilty Men” implicates LBJ, Clint Murchison and Mac Wallace.)

The De Mohrenschildt connection in Shanet’s post is new (at least to me) and is not discussed in “The Smoking Gun.” Is the French book the only source?

Here’s a summary of the story as told in TMWKK:

John Liggett was a highly-skilled embalmer who worked at the Restland Funeral Home in Dallas. Co-worker Charles Smith remembered him as being the best person around doing reconstructive work. But Liggett also had a secret life and would be gone from the job for days or even weeks at a time. On the day of the assassination, Liggett was at Restland attending the funeral for the aunt of his wife of three months, Lois. He was suddenly called to the office from the grave side and when he returned he told his wife that the president had been shot and that he had to go to Parkland Hospital.

When he returned home about 24 hours later, he was tired, disheveled and agitated. He told his wife and step-children that they had to get out of town for a while “until all of this blows over.” They drove at high speed to Austin, then San Antonio. There were brief stops along the way for huddled conversations with various contacts. On Sunday, they were watching television in a hotel room in Corpus Christi and saw Ruby shoot Oswald. As soon as he saw that, he turned to his wife and said, “Everything’s OK now.”

They returned to Dallas, but their life-style changed. After the assassination, Liggett seemed to have come into a lot of money. They moved into a luxury home and Liggett became a big time gambler hosting big, wild poker parties. At one point, there was a visit from one of Liggett’s eccentric friends from New Orleans. He told his family that he and this friend had been together in the Civil Air Patrol. The family now thinks the visitor was David Ferrie.

Liggett and Lois divorced in 1966. They both remarried but remained close. In 1974, Liggett was arrested for the attempted murder of Dorothy Peck. About a year later, Lois was contacted by Malcolm Liggett, John’s brother. Malcolm told Lois that for the safety of herself and her family, that she should have no further contact with John. Lois and her family moved to Lubbock and a few weeks later John was shot in the back. On the morning of February 14, 1975 John Liggett was being transferred, with other prisoners, from the Dallas courthouse to the county jail. Liggett slipped from his handcuff and was shot in the back while trying to escape.

But there are further mysteries in the John Liggett story. In 1992, Leona, John’s wife at the time he was killed, disclosed that the body that she was asked to identify in 1975 was not the body of her husband John. For one thing, the corpse had a mustache and John Liggett never had a mustache and was not capable of growing one.

Recently, Lois was convinced that she spotted John in a casino in Las Vegas. After his divorce from Lois, John worked for several years in a casino in Las Vegas. Also recently, a photograph surfaced showing John Liggett’s brother Malcolm posing with Jack Ruby in Ruby’s Carousel Club.

Here’s that photo taken at the Carousel. From left to right: Susanne Liggett (wife of Malcolm), Malcolm Liggett (brother of John), Jack Ruby, unidentified person, Iris Campbell who was later to become a friend of Lois and her daughter Debra Godwin. The rest of the people in the photo are unidentified. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. If anyone has a better version, please let me know.

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Hi Shanet,

The DeMohrenschildt aspect of this is very interesting. My French is only fair but am I correct in saying that the piece relates to Billie Sol Estes saying that Ligget murdered the Baron and there's a film purportedly showing DeMohrenschildt admitting to handling LHO?

If that's the case, WOW!


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Yes, Wow! And our man Ligget, John the Mortician, was convicted of killing the widow of this Jay Peck, who was a body double for Lyndon, covered for him at the Murchison party, etc. Ligget was the clean up man. His brother MALCOLM LIGGET is clearly pictured in the above photo with Jack Ruby and a women who interceded to advise Lois Ligget.

This is the team....

We have got to find this DeMorenschildt film.

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If that is not Malcom Ligget in the photo, my question is, did the history channel even investigate this story, or did they just slap some things together and air it?? I dont remember them showing a photo to compare Malcom Ligget to the man with Ruby.

Aslo if I remember correctly, didnt Ligget's ex wife say that Ferrie would come and visit there home?

Question for Stephen Roy,

Has John Ligget's name ever come up in your research into David Ferrie?

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It was Debra Godwin who made the identification (on camera). Debra is John Liggett's step-daughter and the daughter of wife Lois. If this was a mistaken identification, that's very interesting. You'd think that Debra would correctly identify her own relatives. Debra is not mentioned in the Sun Sentinel article.

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Oh For god's sake it is Malcolm Liggett

Oh for gods sake post the picture :)


If you can post the picture that would be awsome, Has any researchers tried to contact John Liggets ex wife or other relatives for further research on this ?, or was there story pretty much told and nothing more to tell?

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If you can post the picture that would be awsome, Has any researchers tried to contact John Liggets ex wife or other relatives for further research on this ?, or was there story pretty much told and nothing more to tell? (Ryan Crowe)

Hi Ryan,

Here's a Liggett comparison. There is obviously many years between the images but I do believe it's the same man.

BTW, my email is not working so I have been unable to contact you. Hopefully I'll get the gremlins out soon.


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